Three eccentric butterfly valveThree eccentric butterfly valveThree eccentric butterfly valve
Three eccentric butterfly valveThree eccentric butterfly valveThree eccentric butterfly valve

Three eccentric metal hard seal flange butterfly valve

Size Range: 2"-48"

Deaign standard: API 609

Test inspection: API598

Working temperature: 304/316 seat: -73-+450℃

Pressure: CLASS 150-CLASS 900

Suitable medium: Fresh water / Sea water / Salts water / Steam / Gas / Air etc

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Product Introduction

This series of butterfly valves is a new generation of patented products which is independently researched and developed by our company, no pin connection is through a valve rod milling flat straight connected with the butterfly plate matched, with countersunk head bolt is fixed, is more convenient in assembly, firmer connection security. Use triple eccentric sealing structure, no mechanical wear, can achieve zero leakage, with bidirectional sealing function superior, is used as the best device in oil, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, building materials, food, medicine, water supply, and drainage, gas delivery of different media, such as adjust, cut off or connected to the fluid flow.

On the basis of double eccentric design, the centreline of the plate seal surface and seat centreline forms an angle (y °, and enables a slight wedge effect when the plate contacts the) flexible metal seat, and slight movement and radial deformation of the seat ring along with the plate, average compression around the seat ring thus achieves complete sealing. This unique triple eccentric design fully applies the Cam effect in the valve, greatly reduces the friction at the contact area, the possibility of leakage, and also the opening torque value, increases longer service life, and achieves easy and convenient operation.

Why choose us!

  • WESDOM patent products, patent certification

    The product side flanges comply with national, German, Russian, American, British and Japanese standards and other domestic and international standards

    for multiple pressures, easy connection and wide adaptability, which can reduce the type of purchase and stock.

  • The product has an independent identity to ensure traceability

    Each wesdom product has its own unique identification number, to ensure product traceability.

  • Provide material inspection report

    All wesdom products can provide the material inspection report of the main parts.

  • One-stop service

    One-stop service, we not only supply high quality products, also supply solutions and after-sales service.

  • WESDOM has a lot of project experience

    We have a lot of project experience in countries such as Pakistan and the Philippines, WESDOM has always been noticed all over the world, and trust comes from quality.

  • WESDOM has a strict quality control system

    WESDOM has a strict quality control system and before delivery, we test 100% of each product to ensure its quality, promising you a high quality product.


Standard Test

Standard Test


Factory Tour

WESDOM GROUP consists of 5 factories and 4 overseas branches. The five factories are mainly located in Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong, Lianyungang and Wenzhou. The four foreign branches are located in Tanzania, Zambia, Kenya and Indonesia.

Detailed parameters
Class 150 triple eccentric butterfly valve
Class 150 triple eccentric butterfly valve
NPS(in) L(mm) L1(mm) H1(mm) H(mm) D0(mm) L0(mm)  WT(Kg)
Wafer Lug Flange(short pattern) 
2 43 108 1 10 135 150 10 11 20
3 48 114 125 155 180 11 13 29
4 54 127 147 162 200 13 16 33
6 57 140 1 66 240 300 26 28 74
8 64 152 215 375 1 80 36 43 86
10 71 165 238 396 180 53 64 142
12 81 178 283 446 180 74 86 167
14 92 190 302 472 315 110 127 218
16 102 216 338 555 350 138 159 275
18 114 222 381 605 400 180 211 315
20 127 229 408 638 480 196 225 395
24 154 267 495 738 480 400 462 580
28 165 292 561 976 480 560 655 657
30 190 318 590 1016 610 685 812 717
32 190 650 1 160 610 726 868 880
36 203 330 700 1205 480 920 1056 1042
40 216 410 750 1294 480 1283 1760 1470
42 229 780 1350 480 1488 1820 1723
48 254 470 892 1523 480 1645 2660 1895

wesdom butterfly valve

Double eccentric butterfly valve


Advantages of wesdom butterfly valve!

  • Longer service life thanks to tilted disc

    The tension on the disc is released after a few degrees of opening which minimises wear of the disc seal. Furthermore, the design minimises the compression of the sealing which ensures low operating torques.

  • Safe disc and shaft connection

    The disc and shaft are connected by means of a key and a keyway. The key’s secured with two set screws to prevent fluttering caused by flow velocity and necessary play in the key and keyway connection. Within the large dimensions the disc is secured with two stainless steel drive dowels, with key and keyway as back-up.

  • Two seat designs

    The integral seat design features a machined and epoxy coated ductile iron seat integrated in the body. The stainless steel seat design has a replaceable seat ring of stainless steel sealed with an O-ring to avoid leakages under the seat ring.

  • Disc seal optimised for high performance

    The disc seal is formed to secure fixation in correct position providing a very reliable function. The superb rubber quality makes it possible to reduce the amount of rubber which ensures low closing torques. The EPDM sealing is approved by DVGW, KIWA and WRAS.

  • Shaft design features

    The shaft sealing’s replaceable under pressure to enable easy maintenance. Sealings of EPDM secure tightness from inside and out, and NBR sealings protect against impurities and fluids from outside.

  • The low friction PTFE bearings ensure low

    Operating torques and therefore the protected shaft ends secure durability since there are no uncoated ductile iron surfaces exposed to the media.

  • Bi-directional and slim design

    The valves are bi-directional although valves from DN700 and up are marked with an arrow indicating the preferred flow direction. We’ve also minimised the weight to make handling easier and to put less strain on the environment.


Project Name: Pakistan Sewage Treatment Plant Project

Main Products: Flanged/lug Butterfly Valves and Gate Valves

This case is an old customer from Pakistan. Because he has purchased valve products from WESDOM many times, he has very high trust and evaluation on WESDOM. He needs a lot of butterfly valves and gate valve products in the sewage treatment plant project which he is responsible for. They sent the requirements to the businessman of WESDOM's international trade department without hesitation. Of course, WESDOM still returns this old customer in Pakistan with high-quality products and preferential prices;

After that, the customer also sent us the installation pictures of the WESDOM product in the working condition project, and feedback that the quality is still very good, and will maintain a long-term cooperative relationship with WESDOM;

Project Pictures:







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