Extension bar hard seal butterfly valve

Size Range: DN40~DN2000

Pressure: 1.6MPa/2.5MPa

Valve design:BS 5155,API609,JIS B2064

Face to Face:BS EN558-1,ANSI B16.10-92

Pressure test:BS 6755/EN12266,FIS B2003-87

Product Introduction

The design principle of an extension bar hard seal butterfly valve is similar to that of a soft seal butterfly valve but with a few key differences.

The hard seal butterfly valve has a metal-to-metal seal or a seal made of materials like PTFE, which provides a more durable seal than soft seals. The metal-to-metal seal is made when the valve is closed, and the disc is pressed against the valve seat with a high degree of force, providing a tight shut-off against the flow medium. The PTFE seal is made of a tough, inert material that can withstand high temperatures, pressures, and corrosive fluids.

The extension bar is attached to the stem to extend the length of the valve handle, allowing the valve to be operated from a distance or in hard-to-reach locations. The stem connects the disc to the valve actuator and allows the disc to be rotated to control the flow of fluid.

The operation of an extension bar hard seal butterfly valve is based on a quarter-turn principle. When the valve actuator is rotated, the disc rotates around its axis to open or close the valve. The metal-to-metal seal or PTFE seal on the disc provides a tight shut-off against the flow medium, reducing the risk of leakage and ensuring reliable performance.

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Quality Control Process

quality control process


Standard Test

Standard Test


Factory Tour

WESDOM GROUP consists of 5 factories and 4 overseas branches. The five factories are mainly located in Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong,

Lianyungang and Wenzhou. The four foreign branches are located in Tanzania, Zambia, Kenya and Indonesia.


Detailed parameters

Extension bar soft seal butterfly valve

H1 A1 B1 H2 A2  B2 D1 D1 Z-d D1 D1 Z-d
1 1/2″ 107 330 180 200 625 245 72 150 110 4-18 150 110 4-18
2″ 112 350 180 200 625 245 72 165 125 4-18 165 125 4-18
2 1/2″ 115 370 180 200 625 245 72 185 145 4-18 185 145 8-18
3″ 120 380 180 200 645 245 72 200 160 8-18 200 160 8-18
4″ 138 420 180 200 715 355 92 220 180 8-18 235 190 8-22
5″ 164 460 180 280 800 355 92 250 210 8-18 270 220 8-26
6″ 175 555 270 425 850 355 92 285 240 8-22 300 250 8-26
8″ 200 760 400 560 925 250 170 340 295 12-22 360 310 12-26
10″ 243 830 400 560 1035 250 170 405 355 12-22 425 370 12-30
12″ 250 895 450 580 1070 450 200 460 410 12-22 485 430 16-30

wesdom butterflt valve

Advantages of extension bar soft seal butterfly valve!

  • Improved accessibility

    The extension bar allows the valve to be operated from a distance or in otherwise hard-to-reach locations, making it easier to maintain and control

    the flow of fluid.

  • Enhanced sealing

    The soft seal on the butterfly valve provides a tight, reliable seal against the flow medium, reducing the risk of leakage and improving performance.

  • Fast, efficient operation

    Butterfly valves are known for their fast-acting, quarter-turn operation, which can help to reduce downtime and increase productivity.

  • Lower maintenance costs

    The simple design of butterfly valves means that they are often easier and less expensive to maintain than other types of valves.

  • Versatility

    Butterfly valves can be used in a wide range of applications and fluid types, including water, air, gas, and chemicals, making them a versatile choice

    for many industries.

  • Our products, your purpose

    We have always abided by our commitment to partnerships, meeting or exceeding the requirements of each customer.


Válvula de mariposa con palanca de aluminio

Project Name: Tanzania Water Project

Main Products: Gate Valves, Butterfly Valves, Check Valves, Pipe Fittings, etc.

Client Feedback:

The customer sent us the installation pictures of the WESDOM product in the working condition project, and the feedback quality is very good, and will maintain a long-term cooperative relationship with WESDOM;

Project Pictures:



wesdom butterfly valve




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