Successful <span>case</span>

Successful case

WESDOM GROUP visits customers in Istanbul

2023-12-27 11:20:42

From October 25th to October 28th, after the four-day exhibition, Wesdom Group visited customers in Istanbul.

The client company has two factories of its own in Istanbul, which mainly produce valves. After detailed conversations, we learned that the client company has been established for many years and mainly focuses on projects. It operates many types of products and industries – building water supply and drainage. It is involved in , industry, marine and other fields, and its products are exported to many countries.

wesdom valves

At present, the main demand of customers is ball valve products. We introduced our ball valve products to customers in detail through the sample brochure. The customer was very satisfied with our products. The customer gave us an angle float valve, a stainless steel threaded ball valve, a globe valve, Project list of triple eccentric hard seal butterfly valve and expressed hope to establish cooperation with us.

Through the customer’s product list, we provided the customer with different solutions and gave a reasonable product quotation. Although there was negotiation between both parties, we finally reached a consensus and the customer ordered 50 DN100 corner styles from wesdom. Float valve, 100 DN80 2-piece stainless steel threaded ball valves and 30 DN200 gray iron stop valves.

During this visit to the customer, wesdom Group had a relatively smooth conversation with the customer, because it was not the first time that the customer had cooperated with wesdom. They were very satisfied with the quality of wesdom’s products and the overall service, so through During this visit, the customer would order so many products at once without hesitation. This is not only an affirmation of wesdom, but also a trust in wesdom.

wesdom valves

Wesdom Group has strict requirements on itself in terms of products and services, striving to achieve high product quality, cost-effective product prices, and high-quality services.
We do not pursue high profits, but only pursue providing customers with a more secure experience.

Specializing in valve products for 30 years, it has passed multiple international certifications and has core strength in the field of valves. For more dynamic information on WEDDOM, please go to:


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