Successful <span>case</span>

Successful case

Thailand-Water Treatment Project

2023-12-08 10:43:59

A customer from Thailand purchased a batch of products from wesdom for use in their water treatment project.

It took three and a half months from customer inquiry to confirmation of product order to product production. The product has been completed and has been arranged to be shipped to Thailand.

This time the customer mainly purchased butterfly valves and gate valve products from wesdom. Since it was our first cooperation, we initially sent samples to the customer. The customer was very satisfied with the quality of wesdom’s products. In the end, the customer ordered 50 butterfly valves and 60 gate valves.

The customer said: He is very satisfied with wesdom group’s attentive and meticulous service and product quality. If there is demand for products in the future, he will continue to cooperate with wesdom.

Thailand-Water Treatment Project1

WESDOM Group specializes in pipeline fluid systems: R&D, production and sales of valves, pipe fittings, water meters, flow meters, etc. The products cover cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, copper, plastics and other materials, which are widely used in hydropower stations, heat, buildings, Water supply and drainage, petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, medical and other fields.

With more than 20 years of continuous operation in the field of fluid control, our business covers 35 countries and regions around the world. The group’s 16 factories are located in Hebei, Liaoning, Shandong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and there are three branches in Zambia, Kenya and Tanzania in Africa. ; WESDOM Group focuses on the research and development, production and sales of pipeline fluid control systems, valves, pipe fittings, water meters, flow meters, etc.

The purpose and principle of water treatment:

The purpose of water treatment is to improve water quality and make it meet certain water quality standards.

According to different treatment objects or purposes, there are two categories: water supply treatment and wastewater treatment.

Water supply treatment includes domestic drinking water treatment and industrial water treatment; wastewater treatment includes domestic sewage treatment and industrial wastewater treatment. Among them, those that are particularly closely related to thermal technology include boiler feed water treatment, makeup water treatment, turbine main condensate water treatment and circulating water treatment, which are subordinate to the industrial water treatment category. Water treatment is of great significance to developing industrial production, improving product quality, protecting the human environment, and maintaining ecological balance.

The water treatment project is a project to purify, soften, disinfect, remove iron and manganese, remove heavy metal ions, and filter water that does not meet the requirements. To put it simply, “water treatment engineering” is a project that uses physical and chemical means to remove some substances in water that are not necessary for production and life. It is the sedimentation and filtration of water in order to be suitable for specific purposes. , coagulation, flocculation, as well as corrosion inhibition, scale inhibition and other water quality conditioning projects.

Thailand-Water Treatment Project2

What are the commonly used valves for water treatment?

Gate valve:

Its function is to cut off the water flow. The opening of the rising stem gate valve can also be seen from the lifting height of the valve stem.

Ball valve:

Used to cut off, distribute and change the flow direction of media. Make a general-purpose on/off valve. It is not suitable for use as a throttle valve, but it can be used to reduce the pressure entering or exiting the system in a partially open state.

Globe valve:

Its main function in the water treatment pipeline is to cut off or connect the fluid. The stop valve can adjust the flow better than the gate valve, but the stop valve cannot be used to adjust the pressure and flow for a long time. Otherwise, the sealing surface of the stop valve may be washed by the medium. Corrosion destroys sealing performance.

Check valve:

Used to prevent the backflow of media in water treatment pipelines and equipment.

Butterfly valve:

Cutting off and throttling functions. When the butterfly valve is used for cutting off, elastic sealing is mostly used, and the material is rubber, plastic, etc. When it is used for throttling, metal hard sealing is mostly used.

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