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Precautions in valve operation

2022-12-29 17:02:35

Whether the valve is operated correctly or not directly affects the service life and is related to the stable and safe production of equipment and devices. In operation, the following issues should be noted.

①High temperature valve, when the temperature rises above 200°C, the bolts are heated and elongated, which is easy to make the valve seal loose. At this time, the bolts need to be “hot-tightened”. When hot-tightening, it is not advisable to do it in the fully closed position of the valve. , so as to avoid the valve stem from being dead, and it will be difficult to open in the future.

②In the season when the temperature is below 0℃, for valves that stop steam and water, pay attention to opening the threaded plug at the bottom of the valve to discharge condensed water and accumulated water, so as to avoid freezing and cracking the valve. For valves that cannot be excluded from water accumulation and valves that work intermittently, attention should be paid to thermal insulation.

③The packing gland should not be pressed too tightly, and the flexible operation of the valve stem should prevail. It is wrong to think that the tighter the gland is, the better, because it will accelerate the wear of the valve stem and increase the operating torque. Without protective measures, do not replace or add packing under pressure.

④ For the abnormal phenomena found by listening, smelling, seeing, and touching during operation, the operator should carefully analyze the reasons. If they are solved by themselves, they should be eliminated in time. If they need to be solved by a repairman, don’t make do with it, so as not to delay the repair time.

⑤ The operator should have a special log book or record book, pay attention to record the operation of various valves, especially some important valves, high temperature and high pressure valves and special valves, including the valve transmission device, and note the failure of the valve and its cause. , treatment methods, replacement parts, etc., these data are undoubtedly very important to the operator himself, the repairer and the manufacturer. Establishing a special log with clear responsibilities is conducive to strengthening management.

Precautions in valve operation

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