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Butterfly valve Installation and maintenance

2023-01-05 11:21:04

1. Check butterfly valve specification, pressure, temperature, and corrosion resistance before installation. All parts should be checked if any damage or loosening.


2. Butterfly valve can be installed on any angle of the pipe, the valve should be closed when installation; when welding pipe flange the valve seal should be protected by a plate to prevent particles, and debris contusion from sealing the surface, after welding, remove the plate, clean the valve sealing surface and pipe cavity, and then install and fix the valve.


3. Before installation, clean the sealing surface (both ends sealing surface, butterfly disc sealing surface, seat sealing surface) thoroughly, and remove dust and dirt.


4. Before installation, the butterfly valve should be tested, the opening and closing should be flexible, and the opening and closing position should be in accordance with the pointer indication position.


5. The butterfly plate must be in a closed position during installation to ensure that the butterfly plate does not collide with the pipe flange.


6. The opening position should be determined according to the rotation angle of butterfly valve butterfly plate.


7. For a butterfly valve with a bypass valve, the bypass valve should be opened before the butterfly valve


8. Install butterfly valves according to the medium flow arrow.


butterfly valve wesdom


 Faults and elimination methods for butterfly valve 


Common faults

Common faults

 Exclusion methods

 Sealing surface leakage

Butterfly valve disc, sealing ring with debris

Remove impurities and clean the valve cavity.

Butterfly valve plate, seal closed position is not correct.

Adjust the limit screw of the actuator such as worm gear or electric actuator in order to let valve closing position is correct.

The outlet is equipped with flange bolts with force or not pressed.

Check flange plane and bolt compression force, should be evenly pressed.

The pressure test direction is not as required.

Test the pressure in arrow direction

 Leakage on both ends of valve

Failure of sealing gasket on both sides

Replace sealing gasket.

The pressure of the tube flange is uneven or not pressed.

Press flange bolts (uniform force).

Butterfly valve Installation and maintenance

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