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What is a resilient seat gate valve?

2022-09-19 14:08:52

What is a resilient seat gate valve?

Operating principle and structural characteristics of resilient seat seal gate valve

The core components of the resilient seat seal gate valve are mainly the valve body, valve cover, valve stem and gate plate. The gate is made of non-toxic rubber (direct vulcanized nitrile rubber or EPDM rubber) covered with ductile iron. The sealing of the whole valve mainly depends on the contact between the rubber gate and the casting, through the rubber due to the force of the micro elastic deformation to achieve good sealing effect, reliable sealing, can reach zero leakage, and the friction factor is very small, small wear, the valve in the opening and closing torque, light operation, long service life, no pollution, corrosion resistance and beautiful appearance.

What is a resilient seat gate valve?

Resilient seat seal gate valve has the following advantages.

1、Flat bottom type valve seat


The traditional metal gate valve is often cleaned with water, that is, because of foreign objects such as stones, wood, cement, iron, debris and other silt in the groove of the bottom of the valve, easy to cause the inability to switch tight, and the formation of leakage, as shown in Figure 2. The resilient seat seal gate valve adopts the flat bottom design with no groove at the bottom of the inner cavity and the same bottom as the water pipe, which is not easy to cause debris siltation and the seal is always the same.


2、Gate plate overall rubber cover


The gate adopts high quality rubber to cover the whole inside and outside, the first-class rubber vulcanization technology makes the gate after vulcanization can guarantee the precise geometry, and the rubber is firmly attached to the ductile iron, not easy to fall off and good elastic memory.


3、All parts meet the requirements of environmental protection


The parts of resilient seat seal gate valve such as valve body, valve cover, bracket, hand wheel and transmission cap are made of ductile iron, and after special treatment, epoxy resin powder coating is applied to the inner and outer surface by high pressure electrostatic spraying process, and the inner parts are made of stainless steel or copper alloy, which effectively prevents the formation of corrosion and is pollution-free, non-toxic and has a beautiful surface.


4、Small flow resistance, low head loss


Resilient seat seal gate valve due to the spraying process, epoxy resin coating surface is very smooth, greatly reducing the surface roughness of the channel through which the medium flows, so the flow resistance is small, less head loss; at the same time, the bottom of the valve body is designed for straight-through type also reduces the flow resistance and head loss.


5、Special shaft seal


As the stem adopts three O-ring seals and one dust ring seal design, it can reduce the frictional resistance when opening and closing, and greatly reduce the phenomenon of water leakage.


6、Protection device


It avoids the lawsuit and claim caused by theft of manhole cover and pedestrian fall. Resilient seat gate valve can be buried directly into the ground with a set of protective devices, the device is equipped with a valve box on top, open the valve box on the cover can be extended socket wrench to open and close the valve, Figure 4 shows the buried concealed rod resilient seat gate valve.


What is a resilient seat gate valve?

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