Successful <span>case</span>

Successful case

KHOBI II Hydro Power Project – Georgia

2023-10-27 16:55:45

In November 2020, WESDOM received an inquiry about the DN2300 butterfly valve from the person in charge of the Georgian hydropower project.
In order to better help the customer, after discussion, the customer shared two project-related documents with us, as follows:

Hydro Power Project

WESDOM has a lot of project experience, especially in hydropower projects. We have very rich project experience, so we recommend providing customers with a complete set of solutions, which has been greatly appreciated by customers.

Affected by the epidemic, we put the customer’s project on hold for nearly a year. In September 2021, the customer contacted us again and asked us to issue an invoice directly.
Over the next month, we communicated with the customer and resolved all technical issues. Finally, we signed the contract in November 2021 at a price of $294,664.

Photos of hydropower project products are as follows:

Hydro Power Project

After 2 months of production and the goods were completed, WESDOM invited a third party, SGS, to inspect our goods and issue a test report to the customer. wesdom and took a test video.

Finally, all goods will be shipped to customers in June 2022. The goods arrived at the site two months later, and wesdom helped the customer install the goods. It has been used well so far.

WESDOM is not only a valve manufacturer, but also an industrial piping solution provider.

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