Successful <span>case</span>

Successful case

African factory pipeline construction-WESDOM valves

2023-11-23 13:39:53

African customers purchase WESDOM flange butterfly valves and soft seal gate valves

Project name:

African factory pipeline construction

Client’s name:

African customers

To purchase valves:

Flange butterfly valve, soft seal gate valve

Client needs:

Factory pipeline construction and use

The customer is from Africa. There is a factory that needs to purchase a batch of valves for use in the construction of internal pipelines in his factory.

This is the second time that the customer purchased products from WESDOM valves. It has been more than two years since the first cooperation. At that time, the customer was also using it in factory construction. Due to the special working conditions, WESDOM valves made the selection of products with the customer. After many discussions and communications, the customer finally recognized and adopted the valve configuration provided by WESDOM and purchased the required valve products from WESDOM.

After the customer had another demand for valves, he did not hesitate to find WESDOM valves. After professional selection and recommendation by the sales staff, he purchased a batch of flange butterfly valves and soft seal gate valves from WESDOM.

African factory pipeline construction1

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