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How to choose the valve of central air conditioning (water system) piping system?

2023-09-04 14:48:38

Large-scale central air conditioners are mainly composed of refrigerators, cooling water circulation systems, fan coil systems and heat dissipation water towers.

The refrigerator compresses the refrigerant into a high-temperature and high-pressure state through the compressor, and then sends it to the condenser to release heat. The cooling water flows through the condenser to take away the heat, and the cooling water pump transfers the cooling water that brings the heat to the cooling water tower. It is forced to dissipate heat by the water tower fan to accelerate the heat dissipation into the air.

The refrigerant flows through the condenser and turns into a medium-temperature and high-pressure liquid, and then enters the evaporator through the restrictor to vaporize and absorb heat, so that the chilled water flowing through the evaporator cavity cools down and becomes low-temperature water, which is transported by the chilled water pump To the cooling coil of each fan, the fan blows cold air to reduce the room temperature.

In the entire central air-conditioning (water system) pipeline, the valve is naturally an indispensable control component.

wesdom valve provides you with a complete set of central air-conditioning (water system) pipeline valve solutions.

Schematic diagram of central air conditioning system:

wesdom valves

Chilled water system circuit:

Hydration system

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