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What is flange expansion butterfly valve?

2023-08-28 14:32:34

What is flange expansion butterfly valve?

Flange Expansion Butterfly Valve, is a kind of butterfly valve that the structural length of the flange can be expanded and contracted within a certain range, this kind of valve is convenient for disassembling and assembling, but also can relieve the pipeline stress, and protect the valve and pipeline’s normal flow.

Expansion butterfly valve will butterfly valve plus telescopic installation condensed into one, occupying a more compact space, in general, this kind of valve does not need to deliberately maintain, only need to regularly check the expansion part of the valve to see if there is a leakage, pull off the situation can be.

The initial investment cost of the flange expansion butterfly valve is lower than the installation of flange butterfly valve plus separate telescope. But in the later maintenance cost, this kind of valve also has some defects.

① Flange expansion butterfly valve sealing surface damage is serious, can not replace the seal, the valve is scrapped, and even with the expansion part of the scrap, so the loss is relatively large.

② Why do you say that the flange expansion butterfly valve does not need to be deliberately maintained?
Because the valve maintenance is very troublesome, when the valve sealing part needs maintenance, the valve must be disassembled before maintenance, increasing the labour cost. But if the butterfly valve with the expansion device installation is very convenient, only the expansion device is removed, you can make room for manual maintenance to achieve the maintenance of the valve without disassembly.

③ In the maintenance of the valve, the butterfly valve plus telescope installation method is not the same as the dismantling procedure, what is the difference?
Because the weight of the butterfly valve is much greater than the telescope, the labour intensity of dismantling the telescope is relatively low.
Flange expansion butterfly valve is suitable for temperature ≤ 80 ℃ working environment, widely used in petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, textile, papermaking, electric power, water supply and drainage and other pipelines, play a role in the flow of regulating and intercepting the role of the pipeline with compensation for the pipeline thermal expansion and contraction function.

flange expansion butterfly valve

Flange expansion butterfly valve in the process of installation and use should pay attention to the following points:

① Before installation must be placed flat, do not touch the valve, so as not to affect the normal use of the valve;

② This kind of valve in the factory, the structure length is the minimum length, in the installation, you need to pull the valve expansion part to the installation length, that is, the design length;

③ When the length between two pipelines is greater than the longest length of flange expansion butterfly valve can be installed, you need to make adjustments to the pipeline spacing, do not force the expansion part, so as not to damage the valve;

The valve can be installed in any position in the pipeline, in the temperature compensation, pipeline installation is completed, the need to add brackets along the pipeline axis direction at both ends, to prevent the telescopic valve telescopic tube pull out, and is strictly prohibited in the operation of the bracket will be unloaded in order to avoid accidents.

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