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What are the most common actuators?

2022-12-18 15:18:31

1.What are the most common actuators? Pneumatic, liquid, and electric electric

2.What are the categories of pneumatic actuators and pneumatic actuators? Single-action and dual-action (Single Acting Actuator and Double Acting Actuator)

3.How the dual-action actuator works.

4. The switch action of the actuator is driven by the gas source.(bleed pressure)

5.How a single-action actuator works

Answer: the switch action of single action) is only open action is air source drive, and close action when spring reset.

6.The difference between single-action actuators and dual-action actuators

(1)Different models, the input gas source pressure is different, the gas source pressure is generally bar, the corresponding gas source output torque is also different.

(2)Different models, the corresponding number of springs is different (take the AT actuator as an example, the common number of springs is 5-12), the gas source customer service spring output torque is also different.

(3)The weight of the single and dual actuators also varies in the same model, and the weight of the single actuator is heavier.

(4)The single-acting torque is much smaller than the two-acting torque. Therefore, dual action is generally used for valves that require large torque.

(5)Single-action pneumatic ball valve equipped with the diameter of the cylinder, and the internal reset spring, the cost is higher than the double-action pneumatic ball valve, the selection should consider the cost and demand.

(6)The single action actuator has the gas source protection function, and the dual action is to maintain the gas source in place.

(7)Single-action actuator is generally used more in dangerous working conditions, such as conveying combustible gas or combustible liquid. When the gas source is lost and an emergency occurs, the single-action pneumatic actuator can automatically reset to reduce the danger to a low, while the double-action is generally not easy to reset.

valve actuator

7.Classification of single-action actuators

Answer: often open and often close two kinds

8.Features of the pneumatic actuator

(1)Large load, which can adapt to the application of high torque output.

(2)Move quickly and react quickly.

(3)Working environment adaptability, especially in flammable, explosive, dust, strong magnetic, radiation and vibration and other harsh working environment, more superior than hydraulic, electronic, electrical control.

(4)The motor is easily damaged when the stroke is blocked or when the valve stem is tied up.

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