Successful <span>case</span>

Successful case

Visited the chemical factory customers in Bangladesh

2023-06-13 15:26:15

In May 2023, WESDOM attended the water treatment exhibition in Bangladesh. After the exhibition, we visited our end user, one of the largest chemical factory here. The customer of the Bangladesh chemical factory, which belongs to the subsidiary factory of Samuda Group, is mainly engaged in the extraction of coarse salt, with more than 500 employees in the factory area. In October 22, the customer contacted us through our website, and our sales began to communicate with the customer for their valves solution.

Visited the chemical factory customers in Bangladesh

The customer needs to build a new production line. The valves for inquiry were fluorine-lined butterfly valves/fluorine-lined check valves/fluorine-lined diaphragm valves/ sight glass products, when the customer’s payment procedure was completed, it has reached the end of November 2022. The customer asked us to complete the delivery before the Chinese New Year. After our unremitting efforts, we completed the production of the order ahead of schedule in only one month. We received highly praise from our customers and successfully delivered the goods on December 30th. At present, WESDOM products have been successfully installed on the customer’s new production line, and the customer was very satisfied with our products.

In December of the same year, the customer factory needed to replace a batch of pneumatic control valves, including pneumatic fluorine-lined butterfly valves/pneumatic fluorine-lined plug valves/pneumatic fluorine-lined three-way plug valves. At present, the product has been delivered to the customer.

Visited the chemical factory customers in Bangladesh

This time visiting to the customers was to expand our cooperation. Customers were also very interested in our pipe fittings, and we will have more cooperation in the future. Customers gave highly evaluation for us “WESDOM’s product quality is very good, the delivery time is very timely, and WESDOM’s product range is very complete, which help us saved a lot of time and energy. We  appreciates WESOM’s professionalism, which helped us with the whole solution for production. We are prefer to build the long term relationship with WESDOM.

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