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Valve distribution and selection recommendations for urban drainage systems

2023-11-23 16:04:17

In people’s daily life and production activities, a large amount of water is used. Water is polluted during use and becomes sewage, which needs to be treated and eliminated. Precipitation (rainwater and melted ice and snow water) and runoff in the city should also be discharged in a timely manner.

The urban drainage system is an engineering facility system that treats and removes urban sewage and rainwater. It is an integral part of urban public facilities. Urban drainage systems usually consist of drainage pipes and sewage treatment plants. Under the implementation of the sewage and rainwater diversion system, sewage is collected by drainage pipes, sent to sewage treatment, and discharged into water bodies or recycled; rainwater runoff is collected by drainage pipes and discharged into nearby water bodies.

Drainage valves are indispensable water industry products in urban drainage systems. Among them, the most widely used are various types of medium and low pressure valves, including various butterfly valves and gate valves. Others include ball valves, check valves, exhaust valves, plug valves, and diaphragms. Valves, pressure reducing valves, flow regulating valves, mud discharge valves, etc.

WESDOM valves, a high-quality valve supplier, provide you with a complete set of valve solutions for urban drainage systems.

Principles for using valves in urban drainage pipes:

① When the pipe diameter is not larger than 50mm, a stop valve should be used; when the pipe diameter is larger than 50mm, a gate valve or butterfly valve should be used.

② When the flow and water pressure need to be adjusted, regulating valves and stop valves should be used.

③ Gate valves should be used in parts that require low flow resistance (such as on the suction pipe of a water pump).

④ Gate valves and butterfly valves should be used on pipe sections where water needs to flow in both directions, and stop valves are not allowed.

⑤ Butterfly valves and ball valves should be used for parts with small installation space.

⑥ On pipe sections that are frequently opened and closed, stop valves should be used.

⑦ A multi-function valve should be used on the outlet pipe of a water pump with a larger diameter.

WESDOM valve configuration list:

Urban drainage system

Note: The above information is for reference only, please consult WESDOM Valve for details!

Urban drainage system valve distribution diagram:

Urban drainage system

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