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The second debate competition

2022-05-23 10:20:24

Last week, we held the preliminary round of the second debate competition.

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There are four groups of contestants. There are two debates, so the teams form two groups to fight against each other.

The first debate is: The most important thing to do is the process or the result. Then let’s take a look at their wonderful performance.

One side believes that the most important thing to do is the process.(Group A)

The other side believes that doing things is the most important thing is the result. (Group B)

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They each hold and express their views clearly, and are not afraid to face questions from their opponents. 

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At last, they made their own concluding remarks and expressed their views again.

The second debate is: Company development (products) should be more and more comprehensive (Group C),  or less and better (Group D).

Both sides are carefully recording the questions of the other’s defenders and answering them.

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After two heated debates, everyone was anxiously awaiting the outcome.

wesdom valve

The outcome is:

Winner one: A group  Winner two: D group

However, the debate competition is still in process. In this Friday, we will have the finals.

Guess who is the champion?Looking forward to their wonderful performance!

The final debate is:

The value realization of employees should be based on self-effort? Or is it based on business creation opportunities?

What do you think? Please feel free to leave us a message to discuss it.



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