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The difference between gate valve and globe valve

2021-11-13 15:13:58

There are many types of valves on the market. What are the differences between gate valves and globe valves?The gate valve belongs to the rotation of the hand wheel, the valve stem does upward movement, and the shut-off valve is a rising stem type, the hand wheel and the valve stem rotate and rise at the same time; the structure of the gate valve is relatively more complicated than the shut-off valve, and the height is larger. On the surface, the gate valve is shorter than the stop valve; the sealing performance of the gate valve is higher, and the valve core is in contact with the cover of the base to achieve tightness; when the operating pressure loss of the gate valve is minimal, the fluid flow resistance is smaller than that of the stop valve; the stop valve is being installed When there is a lower entry and an upper entry. The flow direction and entry effect of the gate valve are the same.

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