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How to install the valve gasket?

2023-08-04 08:57:48

How to install the valve gasket?

Sealing gasket is machinery, equipment and other frequently used sealing spare parts, is to play a sealing role of the material. From this definition, it is not difficult to know how important the gasket, so how to install the gasket is worth our attention. Correct installation to ensure sealing performance, so that the equipment runs smoothly, and vice versa will damage the gasket.

Next, we specifically look at what should be done.
The correct installation of the gasket should be in the flange connection structure or threaded connection structure, static sealing surface and gasket by checking undoubtedly, other valve parts intact.
1, Before installing the gasket, the sealing surface, gasket, threads and bolts and nuts rotating parts coated with a layer of graphite powder or graphite powder with machine oil (or water) blended sob slippery agent, gasket, graphite should be kept clean.

2, Gasket installation in the sealing surface to meet the center, correct, not skewed, not into the valve cavity or rest on the shoulder.

3, The installation of gaskets only allowed to install a piece, not allowed to install two or more pieces between the sealing surface to eliminate the gap between the two sealing surfaces.

4, Oval gasket confinement should make the gasket inside and outside the circle contact, gasket two end faces shall not contact with the bottom of the slot.

5, O-ring installation, in addition to the ring and groove should meet the design requirements, the compression should be appropriate, in order to ensure that the premise of sealing, the smaller the compression deformation rate the better, which can extend the life of the O-ring.

6, Gasket in the cover before the valve should be in the open position, so as not to affect the installation and damage to the valve parts. Cover should be aligned with the position, shall not be pushed or pulled with the gasket contact, so as to avoid displacement and abrasion of the gasket.

7, Bolted or threaded gasket installation, the gasket should be in a horizontal position (threaded gasket cover, there is a wrench position shall not use pipe wrench).

8, Before gasket compression, should be pressure, temperature, the nature of the medium, gasket material properties to understand clearly, to determine the preload. Pre-tensioning force should be guaranteed in the case of no leakage of the test pressure, as small as possible.

9, After the gasket is tightened, should ensure that the connection has a pre-tightened gap, in case of gasket leakage, there is room for pre-tightening.

10, When working at high temperature, the bolt will produce high-temperature creep, stress relaxation, deformation increases, resulting in leakage at the gasket, need to be hot tight; conversely, in low temperature conditions, the bolt will produce contraction, need to be cold loose.

11, Sealing surface with liquid sealing gasket, the sealing surface should be cleaned or surface treatment. Planar sealing surface should be ground to match, coated with adhesive should be uniform, to try to exclude air, the adhesive layer is generally 0.1-0.2mm.

12, On the thread sealing with PTFE film raw tape, the film should first be pulled thin at the beginning of the film, sticking in the thread surface, and then the beginning of the excess point of tape removed, so that the film stuck in the threads into a wedge.

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